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Campania's leading company in the distribution of accessories for bathroom furnishings, Oceano Distribuzione S.r.l. was founded in 2010 with the idea of making their regional distribution to Campania's retailers more dynamic and customer-oriented. 

Today, over ten years after its foundation, the company enjoys an expansion of its distribution range, which has led it to distribute shower trays, shower enclosures, bathroom furniture and hydrotherapy to its network of dealers.

A revolutionary motion prompted the founding partners to embark on this venture, aimed at not just offering potential customers the sale of bathroom articles, but the desire to follow products from their purchase to the showroom, with a view to partnering with our customers by providing them with sales support. 

In order to achieve this, Oceano Distribuzione S.r.l. from the very beginning intended to provide:

  1. an all-round sales force consisting of a professional,competent team of agents who can tailor the right offer for customers;
  2. extensive availability in stock, both in terms of product lines, sizes and variants.
  3. fast and safe delivery of products purchased by retailers,supported by a team of transporters boasting decades of experience, capable of real-time response to customer needs, from on-time delivery to product integrity inside vans;
  4. An extensive product catalogue to meet retailers' needs regarding materials, colours, sizes and finishes of articles;
  5. A comprehensive after-sales service:retailers have always been able to find spare parts for our shower enclosures, accessories and repair kits for our shower trays, accompanied by high-level, end-user-oriented technical assistance.

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